Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apps Galore!

Okay, I finally got my Apple iTunes account straightened out and registered it on my iPad so I have been a downloading fool this morning! :)

Here are the apps I chose:

Free Apps
1. Pandora--Internet Radio is an awesome site I have used on my desktop, but now I have access on the iPad, too. It lets you choose a song you like, and then it builds a “station” around that song. You can create lots of different stations for different moods.
2. Instapaper--this app allows you to download web info to read later when you may not have a wi-fi connection.  This was an app recommended at FETC but I have just downloaded on the iPad and I think it rocks!
3. NPR--great stories available to listen to when it’s convenient for me.
4. Elementals--all the different elements of the periodic table in cartoon form. Don’t knock it until you try it. I think high school and college students would like it.

For Pay Apps I just had to have today

1. Penultimate--This app gives you a notebook space to write on in iPad format.  I used my new iPad stylus  (Targus from Best Buy $19.99 ) to play with this app. It is pretty good for taking notes. It says it will print, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.
2. Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss--This app of this children’s book is amazing! The pictures are just like those in the “real” book.  It will read it to you or do an autoplay also.
3. Saving Seeds--this is a drawing and physics game to create a path for the seeds to get to the flower pot. I am not very good at it, but I will get better.

There are so many apps to choose from it is mind-boggling. I am looking for apps to use with education majors and also for apps for personal productivity.  Please post a comment and let me know what apps are your MUST HAVES for your iPad.

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